Producer for Interactive Installations

Refik Anadol Studio (RAS) is seeking a technical producer based in Europe. We are looking for a highly skilled producer with a background in interactive AV installations to join our team. The ideal candidate should have experience with project management and software development processes.


  • Establishing and updating evolving deliverables on timeline
  • Helping to identify and manage risk
  • Breaking down deliverables into tickets (with assistance from TD)
  • Tracking tickets
  • Be responsible for the developers team based in Europe (primarily) and Australia (AEST, CET)
  • Coordinate with teams and vendors based in different time-zones (AEST, CET, PST)


  • Track record of successfully producing large scale and complex interactive AV installations
  • Strong knowledge of project management and software development processes
  • Perfect written and spoken English
  • Strong organization skills and rigor
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • This is primarily remote work however some onsite periods may be required in Berlin and or L.A.

Please register your interest by sending a CV & cover letter to

About us

Los Angeles-based Refik Anadol Studio creates public art that explores the potential for intersections of media, science, and technology to radically communicate data while also inviting audiences to visualize alternate architectures of space and perception. Through pioneer site-specific immersive installations, data sculptures, data paintings, and audio/visual performances, Refik Anadol Studio takes the invisible data that surrounds us as primary material and the computerized mind as collaborator, to create unique poetic experiences.

The studio focuses on space, especially as it relates to the domains of artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and architecture. It seeks to re-consider dialogic relationships between imagination and physicality, self and environment, technology and history. By merging these fields within the context of public art, the studio draws attention to the construction and recollection of our histories, memories, and dreams and in so doing finds the resources to encapsulate our interconnectedness.