Processnode Pins with same Name


When creating a Processnode, and there are two operations which have an input with the same name, like so:

then ‘Process’ and ‘State Output’ in the left menu are red, like so:

Hovering over them gives the error message:

“The input names of all chosen fragments must be unique”

I know the discussion, and why this is like that. The error message is very cryptic though, took me a long time to figure it out.

But to the real bug:
If I now try to use that processnode somewhere, I get an error popup which I cannot close because it keeps reappearing, have to close vvvv and reopen, all work lost.

Can you reproduce?

in an ideal world, vl will modify the pin-name silently in the background. if those namings are some kind of dictionary, where the name displayed in the editor is just a (human readable) key and the real value is a systemwide-unique value.
so users don’t have to care about duplicate names. maybe such a thing is bad for versioning, though.

I think the reason for it is a different one, being that in the processnode you won’t be able to distinguish between two pins with the same name but belonging to different operations (as in humans won’t be able to distinguish)

I’m fine with that giving an error, so far at least, but 1) please give us a clearer message and 2) the crash

Thank you dominik for reporting this one. Was a little harder to get it right and had to change quite a few lines of code so I hope I didn’t fuck up anything else. Would be nice if you could test with an alpha build (>= ac05daed) and report back. Duplicate pin names should not lead to a crash anymore and also the error reporting should be better, because the pins in the patch will turn red now in case they lead to a name clash in the process definition.

@sebl Like @dominikKoller said, we decided against such a system because in the end you would have to deal with those unique not human readable identifiers and couldn’t rely on the name anymore.

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