Processing VL custom datatype spreads in vvvv

Hi I’ve found some behaviour which could be a bug… or could just be my inexperience with VL.

I have a spread of a custom datatype from VL running through vvvv.
If I run a getslice on this spread when index is 0 it seems to pass the whole spread instead of just slice 0. See attached. (12.5 KB)

hi toby, the VL wrapper does an automatic spreading, inside VL you can think slicewise. so it lifts the dimension of VL types automatically.
if you just want to create 6 objects you don’t need to take care of spreading inside VL. only if you are actually interested in a spread of objects, like your Sift node.

so this:

actually creates a spreads with 6 entries in your example and hands that to the VLIntegration wrapper which creates a Spread<Spread> out of it. but then, since vvvv does not have a real spread of spread feature the information gets lost.

just change it to this:

but the GetSlice seems to be confused anyways. looks like a bug, we have to investigate…

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fixed in alpha and upcoming release > beta35.1

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Thanks so much for your time on this.

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