Processing inside VVVV

Hey all

Mimi who I work with wants to make things in processing. I like vvvv.
can we play nice together somehow?

Generally the idea would be get graphics out of processing and into vvvv.
Now this could be done using screenshot (i’ve dont this before with processing/vvvv)

but does anybody have any ideas for a more direct way of doing this?
ideally involving a kind of ‘processing’ plugin that takes in pde files and gives out a texture.
and then perhaps have more inputs/outputs that are linked into the sketch

in theory, it shouldn’t be that hard. my guess is that it involves some hacking of processing to output as an unsigned char array and then slimdx it into a texture.

but i presume someone else has already thought about this?


helo sugoku,

while there are different ways to go via the rendered result as you describe (Screenshot node or Sharedmemory) the more interesting thing would be to think about really executing the processing code in a vvvv plugin. think dropping a .pde onto a patch and having a layer output… and inputs of all global variables.

if anybody is interested in doing some coding in that direction we should probably meet on ##vvvv for a chat.

Didn´t tonfilm start some kind of processing plugin in the early days of the plugin-interface?

a slightly related info: openframeworks can already be wrapped in an FFGL plugin and thus can be played in e.g. resolume avenue…
vvvv does not understand FFGL (yet), right?

Considering vvvv uses directx and processing/of nmainly opengl, it’s not extremely simple, altough it’s possible to create a new processing render engine(like p5sunflow is). So it would indeed be possible to output a layer by doing some slimdx render engine in processing.

Processing being java interop with .net is a bit painful, there’s some commercial libraries to help for it, if someone knows a good free one quite interested.

@bjoern, yes, i remember that, but it was a native node in vvvv. as processing compiles applets, it was using JNI to built a kind of applet player. but i was not able to get the pixelbuffer from the applet to put it on a texture. but that might be an easy task, i just didn’t google long enough to find the right methods…

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