Process ID of the process itself and SetProcessAffinityMask and Hyperthreading

Hi All

On the current project I am working on my patches are consuming quite some clock cycles and I would therefore like to split tasks like tracking, and rendering to different cores on this core i7 processor I am using.

This brings up some questions:

  1. is it at all necessary for me to set process affinity mask, does windows do this sort of load balancing by itself?

  2. Hyperthreading? the core i7 is having 4 cores but use hyperthreading so it shows up as 8 cores in the task manager. is there a performance difference between running two processes on the same core but on different process affinities? (I don’t know if this is what it is called)

  3. During my initial patching I wanted to find the process ID of the process running the patch. since I used the /allowmultiple parameter all the vvvv.exe processes are having the same name so using the Processes (Windows) node I could not figure out what the name of the process running this particular patch. is there a way of knowing which process ID a particular instance of vvvv has without resorting to duplicating and renaming the executable file itself?

Thanks in advance