Problems with restricted win user account

does anybody have also problems with his none ‘admin’ windows user account? under the admin user everything works smooth but when i change to a none admin account everything stutters when i activate antialaising.

ok, that wasn’t a v4 bug. the problem seems to be that the different power management settings where responsible for the stuttering.


i don’t get it - it isn’t the powersettings stuff. it won’t work in the second user accound - even when i chnage the rights to full admin modus everything stutters when i enable antialaising.

anybody has the same problems?

ibm z60m laptop
win xp sp2
ati mobility r600

yo. seems to be an ati-problem. antialiasing slows down all rendering enourmously. but only in windowed mode. and only on some cards. i have the same problem with the mobility v5000 (which is actually an x700)