Problems with macintel-shaders


i´m new with vvvv

I was try to open some pixelshaders or vertexshaders patches, and only run until the ps 2.0 or vs 2.0, the patches that needs ps 3.0 or vs 3.0 don´t run for me.

Macbook pro ati radeon x1600

it supports ps 3.0 and vs 3.0

i updated the directx but nothing

any sugestion?

thanks and sorry for my poor english.

if you are not running bootcamp, you might need to enable 3d accelleration in some virtual machines.
there is also a shader version test available that can tell you what your card really supports.
be aware that there are some ps/vs 3.0 features that are only supported by nvidia graphic cards, you might run into problems with shaders that use these (e.g. texture lookups inside vertex shader).

Hey, thanks
I´m running bootcamp
and the shader version test alow me to use pixel and vertex shader 3.0

i´m going to try in another computer with a nvidia card

thanks again ;)


I was trying the soft with my Asus laptop nvidia gforce 7300, and run ;) not well but run.

if anybody interest it.