Problems with LFO: another bug?

Hi there, I would connect the >= boolean output to the refresh pin of LFO but doesn’t seem to work, I remember wrong/I’m stupid/or?

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Connecting it in this way would create a cycle - the node would be having an effect on itself during a single frame. This is not allowed.

To break the loop, you have to introduce a frame delay somewhere on the way.

This can be done either by passing through the FrameDelay node or using a Pad to store and load the value, which will effectively work as a frame delay as well.

PS. The IOBox on the way does not function as a Pad and does not introduce the required frame delay.


Thank you domj!

in this particular case you could consider replacing this with a CounterWrap though… that would allow you to automatically wrap at a given maximum without the need for creating such a cycle.

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