Problems with fft on windows 7

Hey there,

I’ve got some problems with my fft (DShow9 4 Channels) since I upgraded to windows 7 last weekend. On Xp it works great ! But since I upgraded, there’re no real output values anymore… I installed all my drivers but it’s still not working…

Did anybody have an idea why ?

greetings form Germany ;)

hello bla,

  1. try using the fft win7 node

  2. go to windows sound settings and enable stereomix under recording devices

i think you can right click the funny speaker symbol to get there.

if the fft node still refuses to output higher values you may have to talk to your computer about your emotions, or try reinstalling your audio drivers.

good luck!


thanks for the help. It was difficult to find a windows7 soundcard driver for my Soundblaster Live! 5.1 couse the soundcard is nearly 10 years old… but still good!

i searched about 3 hours and found a fixed driver package.
now everything is allright ;)

maybe I met the same problem ,
I selected “FFT(DShow9 4Channels Win7)” node, as it is shown in the screenshot, the node’s color turns to pink , audio driver inlet shows (nil),
and how to work it out ?