Problems with dx11.particles

So I am relatively new using vvvv and a new user in this forum and wanted to start using the dx11 particles.

I started watching this workshop:

Around 19:20 we see the box in the renderer and i tried to reproduce this without having the workshop files and without the interactive stuff with the mouse at first. I wanted to have the particles at first appear in the origin but they didn’t show up.
I made a screenshot so maybe you can understand what i did and maybe see what my problem was:

I also used the box with a normal constant to make sure there’s no mistake after the constant and to make sure that the box particles wouldn’t appear too small to be seen or in a different location etc.

I hope you can help me and I’m sorry if this is a dumb request, as I am not as experienced with vvvv.

I’d guess that you need another DynamicBuffer connected to the Emitter to set the particles’ lifetime.

I had done that too, but it didn’t change anything. The guy in the video also didn’t have anything connected to them so I thought that’s not the problem.
Any other ideas?

Uploading your patch will speed things up :)

Here is a wetransfer link to my patch:

Unfortunately new users cannot upload attachments but I hope that’s ok too.

Thanks for your answers

So I tried to do it on another computer and I’m not quite sure what the problem exactly was but on the other one the exact same setup works fine

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