Problems tracking fiducial when its moving

I have some problems tracking fiducials during movement. i didnt had this problem when i used my webcam as video input. but i am using a dv-cam right now… and it only recognizes fiducials when they are still.
a friend told me that i could be because of the (de)interlacing. but i dont know much about this… tried to use the videotexture (ex9 VMR9 YUV mixing mode) node to change the interlacing. but this doesnt work as soon as i connect the fiducial tracker.

any ideas?

interlacing as the problem sounds plausible. i think the problems with dv-cams is that you cannot simply scale their input to half-pal to remove interlacing…

you could try setting your cam to 1/50 exposure time. this way both fields will carry the same image and there should be no interlacing artefacts. although the image may be blurrier…

i would expect that only 1/25s exposure time and longer would get rid of interlacing and of course improve low light situations.