Problems of multiscreen

hello,everybody .My situation is that I use three projectors to playback vides ,projecting on a circular wall (which is not flat ).I have used the multiscreen to realize this ,but I have some annoying problems as follows.
1) Is there a method that I could change the gamma value

dynamically .If I set a certain gamma value to playback videos,sometimes

the areas of softedge is too bright and sometimes too dark。

2) because the wall is arc. the projectors has a distortion in the

overlap areas,is there any way to correct the distortion .I have corrected

the distortion with grideditor node ,but the overlap area of the two

projectors was corrected at the same time . I mean that I want to correct

the overlap area of the two projectors independently.

any suggestions is appreciated ,thanks very much

mmm you can try with HLS transform on to shader, but i suspect that might be something else somewhere else…

if it is enough to darken selected renderers you might just multiply a quad with a certain darkness over each indivual viewport - see forum/viewport-selective-rendering

another ideas:

  • dynamic gamma
    you can try to control your gamma with analysing your stream by unc’s Average
    (never tried myself, but it might work)
  • overlapping area:
    try to make your own SoftedgeManual built from: unc’s SetAlpha + Gradient(for shape)+ Levels(for gamma)

i agree with DiMiX this would be the best solution to use set alpha on a gradient you can adjust to correct intensity problems.

the projection pins of renderer-(ex9) is spreadable. see the help patch of multiscreen-(ex9) for reference.

Hi,DiMix,What is unc’s Average,how does it work ,could you give some more details and I donot have any ideas on building my own SoftedgeManual .thank you

Hi keddyfun
I check again unc’s Average - sorry, you can get just the color info, not the luminance. So it doesnt help you.
Re: SoftEdge - I am referring to this thread:
scroll dooooown