Probleme with swf as 3d texture

Hi, I have a probleme with my texture , is not wrap on my object.

Uv are Ok, , I chek up that with a simple texture.

When I want Use a falsh renderer as texture, The texture not match to my part …

I have attached my project …

Do you have an idea ??

test_mapping_flash2.rar (9.7 kB)

And an image of my UV set :

texture.jpg (38.1 kB)

I test to apply my flash render texture to a quad , and no probleme, I see my texture …

I don’t understand …


it has to do with the render size of your flash, set the pixel size of the flash texture in the GDITexture with the inspector. or you can try to use Flash (EX9) from the addonpack, it outputs a texture directly and supports alpha.

I must adjust Width and hight of gdi texture to my flash render size ?

I try it, and It doesn’t match …

I try to remplace my .x file by a teapot node . It’s work fine.

I check if Texture coordinate are set on my .x file, and ALL IS OK . UV are in my 3d file …

I try to use Flash (ex9) node, It’s impossible to create it … !!!

@diez: as tonfilm said try to use flash (ex9). for use it be shure to have the last version of vvvv, the addonpack and the correct version of slimdx installed.

@screamer : thanks for your help, now Flash(EX9) works fine, and I can create it !

But I have some probleme with this point.

1/ I don’t find the good way for use my .swf with Flash(EX9) for transform it in texture for my 3d object . (I don’t plug any out pin of Flash(Ex9) to my shader … )

2/ How I can interact with my .swf, if I don’t have flash render windows ?

Thanks for your support.


Ok for test to use Flash(EX9), but I don’t see the good way , that I’ve said on top …

But I don’t understand why doesn’t work with my .x file, and it’s work perfectly with a teapot , sphere or all primitive of vvvv … ?

Coordinate of texure, of my .x file are ok , I check this on my 3d software, and check in vvvv with a simple texture … all is ok !

@diez: it’s strange. i don’t understand the problem, because i’ve tested you model and it seems to be perfectly working with the flash texture (same as a simple texture at least).
and for interact with flash you have two methods. The simplest one (often is sufficient) is to use the input pins for passing it things like the mouse coordinates or the mouse clicks, ot keycodes. And the second one, for elaborated thing, to use osc send in vvvv and flosc for listening the osc and converting it in something usable in flash.

anyway, for your problem, can you post a screenshot of the problem?

ps. i think you already resolved, anyway for use the flash texture in the shader you must attach the layer output of flash in a renderer(EX9), then attach to a dxtexture, and that’s it. i attached an example

flashtexture.v4p (2.1 kB)

Hi, thanks for your support, I don’t understand, , now all is ready … to strange .

thanks for your help with flash(ex9), I test this this afternoon.