Problem with Update Dir (File) Node

Hi there,

i have a question about using the Dir(File) Node.
I have an installation with 3 monitors showing 3 films in sync., alternating with a slideshow. The images for the slideshow are brought over the Dir (File) node from a central folder (about 100-120 photos). During the show I want to add pictures to this folder. After that the Dir(File) node must be updated to show the new pictures in the slideshow. This update should be done during the film is running. My Problem is, that the film stands still during the update for some seconds…

Does anyone have any idea how to deal with that?

I am very happy to receive your feedback!


there is dir advanced

antokhio is referring to Dir (File Advanced) that does its update in a background thread and therefore should not block your rendering.

also slightly unrelated, have a look at: Watcher (File)