Problem with two graphics cards in one system (Beta9)

There is a problem using two different graphics cards in one system with Renderer(EX9) with Beta9.2.

In the past I often used a system with one simple PCI graphics card as primary card that I used for patching and another AGP or PCIe dual- or tripple-head card in span mode for rendering.

A 9.2-patch saved in EX9-fullscreen on the AGP/PCIe-Card does not open properly when opening the patch again.
The problem is, that although saved differently, the graphics card settings available for card one are loaded into the renderer that is supposed to render fullscreen on graphics card two - hmm does anybody besides me understands what i mean ?
If you open Herr Inspektor on Renderer(EX9) after opening the patch you can only see the available settings for graphics card one although it should render fullscreen on graphics card two. If you now change the Fullscreen Format of this renderer, the settings for the correct graphics card two become available !

During testing I found another strange behaviour, that might have to do with the same:
If you make your second monitor (in Eigenschaften von Anzeige) the primary display you are not able to add any Renderer(Ex9) to your patch and existing Renderer(Ex9) nodes simply disappear after reopening the patch. (Displays on the two different graphics cards).

… pretty strange … it might be the easiest I take the machine and show somebody at Niddastraße (Joreg / Gregsn ?) … please let me know.


if you can lend us the system for a week then we might be able to fix it. i’m already working on ex9renderer specific stuff right now, so it would fit quite well.

how about next week?