Problem with tonfilms gui plugin

hi there,

as the topic claims, this posting is about tonfilms slider and buttons. they are really great BUT it seems they have a huge memory problem. they store ALL values in RAM but dont delete old ones. so after performing with some slider a normal set - my taskmanager says, that vvvv.exe needs nearly 2gb ram (it starts with 140mb!!!)

you can easily reproduce this by sending some lfo-values continously to some sliders in the helppatch - open taskmanager and watch how vvvv is growing and growing…

is there any chance to flush the cache or ram?? i really dont want to miss these sliders and button because they are really GREAT (btw: thanks tonfilm ;) )

thanks in advance


wow, nice finding… never thought of such an error, since c# has a garbage collector. it must have something to do with copying the values between vvvv and c#… i’ll have a look at it. thanks for the report. meanwhile try to avoid setting to much values.

ai grobkorn,

can you say if it makes a difference if you disable undos usig Undo (VVVV)

yes, thats it! undo memory grows since the values are stored in a configuration pin. thanks joreg. we should be able to limit the undo memory to a certain amount of memory.

yes, can also confirm this solution… thanks a lot for that hint. but does mean disabling that i cant UNDO any action in my patch?? that would be a pitty and would beam vvvv back to the features of QC (naaaaa, just kidding)…

playes around with that other values - but the usage of ram grows ALWAYS… so - any better solutions? ;)

thanks, thanks, thanks ;)

use a NOT to disable Undo when you write values to the sliders… i have tried this, and found a little bug, that the first action after enabling Undo again is not in the undo list. so the second action after seting a value will be undoable. this should be a good solution…

this is fixed now, plugins dont write into the undo buffer anymore.