Problem with the resolution DX11

Hi everyone,

I use vvvv for 3 years now and I’m new to DX11. I have a problem with the resolution on DX11. I use 8 different images coming from 8 “screens” and in the end, I use only one rendering so I can present the visual images in a specific time. If you have a look at the images you can see the difference between them.

When I was using dx9 I had the chance to go to the settings and change the width and height. What can I do now?

I will appreciate it if you can help me with this, as I have a choreographic installation to present on Friday as part of my research.

Hey mariemi you can have a look at \dx11\girlpower\00_Renderer_Overview.v4p

Should be trivial to fix. You probably want to use Renderer (DX11 TempTarget) if you are reusing the results. If you are still stuck perhaps post a patch instead of screen shot.

Hi everyoneishappy,

thank you for your reply. I tried a few things and it is still the same. I will upload a small patch as a sample.

test-mariemi-dx11-resolution.rar (7.0 kB)

maybe you can also save some renderers. i have made this up from the help patch of renderer dx11 texturearray. check it out

test-mariemi-renderer texturearray.v4p (58.3 kB)

Hi this is a very good idea but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.

The patch that I sent it’s just an example. The phases(0-3) that you see in each renderer, in actual fact are complicated patches coming from live motion tracking using the kinect2. So I send a simple patch of my more complicated patch, just to help me with the resolution! :) hope you understand.

so I have 4 renderers/images coming from the kinect - and then the image changes for example every 2 mins!

ok i see. then use renderer temptarget to render these scenes like everyoneishappy said (do not put it at the end like in your example, but where the spheres are rendererd). then you are able to set the resolution (like you already did). unless i do miss your point, that should be the way.


thank you very much! it works :)