Problem with the file 'nodelist.xml'

Hi, i recently re-installed the latest version of vvvv.
I installed the vvvv first, and overwrite the addons later.

And the problem is, I can’t find the original vvvv nodes such as AvoidNIL, etc.

The reason is that the nodelist.xml in the addons zip file doesn’t contain the informations about the default files. When I use the ‘nodelist.xml’ from vvvv itself, it can find the nodes. But when I use the ‘nodelist.xml’ from the addons zip file, those nodes are no longer available. I have to find the nodes by my self and manually drag and drop the file from the explorer to use it.

One of my colleague also uses vvvv, and his computer shows no problem at all. Do you guys have any idea what the problem is? I’m using windows7 64bit OS.

what did you use to unzip? try 7zip.