Problem with sync video clip on 2 or more computers

hello! Help beginner) There is a problem: I can not sync video clip on 2 computers on FileStream (DShow9 Boygroup), there is a discrepancy about 5.1 frames (or behind the server or the client, usually a server) … And what is the role of nodes Clock (Network Boygroup)? How does it work?
Just have a task to synchronize the video on multiple computers to create a panorama with multiple projectors … maybe there is some other solution to this problem?
Really need a detailed explanation, please help!

seems more a spam attack… .where are you from?

please tell us about your setup. is your boygrouping running smoothly?

what codec do you use, how big are the files?
inside the boygroup module you will find the Sync node. it has and output called Stream Offset, does this converge towars 0 on the clients? of not, something with your boygrouping might be wrong…

I’m from Ukraine:) And this is not spam! Sorry for my english:)

Yes, boyguping seems to be working smoothly, I used codec windows media (. wmv) and H.264 (. mp4)
how do I get inside boygroup module?
I can upload patch and video files for clarity

you just do a right click in the module to open it. then look at the Stream Offset on the clients…

note, that you have to check that on the physical client machine, the server will always display its own value.