Problem with plugin in Windows 7 x64

Im having problems with a u7 freeframe.

It doesnt appear on Windows 7 x64, with alpha 25 or beta 23. even if I put copy in freeframe folder.

but in xp it opens without problem

any hint ? ?

i guess its depended on some c++ libraries and opencv, its probably not finding a certain dll in windows7.

its not planned to port it to windows7 in the future as there are better solutions to do tracking like openframeworks and

sorry, you need to stick with winXP to use the plugin

or patch it yourself, texture queue subtracted from video image.

thanks for reply

too bad its not going to work for w7. Im not sure if I can install xp on this dell xps.

I will try to patch it. good thing about this freeframe is that it keeps the video stream to feed contour.

but it works for me on Win7-64 with beta 24.1

nice DiMiX…then it should work in beta25 as well when u copy it into the freeframe folder. can u confirm ?

yes it works with beta25 as well.

then its me!

I also notice that trautner its not working so Im going to check whats going on

I have Win 7 home edition… not pro. is that a problem? i have no idea about 7

ok solved solveddd

weird, but I had to set the administrator privileges again and now works