Problem with Facetime HD Camera(Built-in) on Bootcamp

Hello I am new to using VVVV, and trying to use Facetime HD Camera via Bootcamp.
When I use webcam in app such as ‘zoom’, it does not have any problem with loading image, but any nodes such as ‘facetracker’ or ‘detectobject’ are not working. When I open the example file of facetracker, the green light beside cam is on, which means cam is working.

The node that I really want to use is ‘detectobject’ but in order to show how image is loaded from cam, I’ve attached image file of ‘facetracker’. The renderer remains black.

I have tried it on vvvv beta 39.1x86 as well as on previous versions like 35.8 x86

Are there any ways to make it work?

I have the same camera and I have had different problems with it in vvvv.
I’m not sure how to get to the bottom of them, but here are some things worth checking:
What is the error from the VideoIn node’s 4th output pin?
Also if you only use VideoIn with Video out, does it work?
My camera is working okay in x64, but could you makes sure it works okay in there too?
I’m sure you aren’t but make sure the camera isn’t being used by another application. Sometimes my camera would remain open to programs even after I had opened them. In my case the green light would stay on and I would need to logout or restart the machine to get the camera back. This doesn’t happen with other usb cameras.
Finally are your Bootcamp drivers up to date?

Best of luck

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