Problem with dynamic plugins in Contributions

I updated Plane Curves contribution, but, when I upload it the Heart node is broken.

I tryed several times, the same .zip that works on my laptop, when I upload it and then download it again it is broken: the Heart node is not compiled. If I open it in the editor, make a minimal modification (like changing a default value from 1.0 to 1.1) and the save it, the plugin compiles. Then I fix the patch and upload it again, but the resulting .zip on the contribution page is broken again.

I’m usin chrome, 7zip and vvvv 26.1.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,
fibo. (119.6 kB)

I tryed to upload the .zip here but it is as well broken

btw, if I send the same .zip via skype it works

looks like a nice bug report to me :)

Check the md5 hash of uploaded vs downloaded file?

I sometimes get this issue on vvvv26 (without going via

well, also without md5, I noticed that they are of different sizes.

hm. cannot confirm.

both versions (this one here and the one in the contributions) work for me. i extract the .zip, open the rootpatch with b26 and see 4 hearts. only numbers 5 and 8 are missing connections in their patches…

same here… 5 and 8 missing connection, others work.

Thank you for feedback, I fixed the patches 5 and 8 and updated the contribution. It should be ok now.

Thank you again!

Now let me be POLEMIC for a while.

I don’t think that giants like tonfilm and joreg should give me this kind of feedback (like : hey, the help patch doesn’t work) … it should be nicer if the common users pay back with a feedback like that since it is a contribution ( i.e. freeware: free as in freedom and as a free beer ).

I see a lot of “wow”, “coool”, and similars. It should be more usefull some feedback to improve patches and to help devvvs.