Problem with dual full screens


I’ve been building a patch, which plays some synchronized avi-clips. There is a example patch attached. As you see there are two filestream-nodes and two videoout-nodes. I can toggle between windowed and fullscreen mode with keyboard. Which isn’t visble in the patch is that I have an external sensor (via Arduino) that chooses the clip to play.

The problem is: when I have two screens (one for each video window) and I set the videos to fullscreen mode it works ok - until the videoclip changes. When that happens the videos will return to default size. They still are in fullscreen mode ie. they are not windowed, but the size is the default size (which is small)

One way to solve the problem is propably to use aviparser, but i thnk it’s too rigid - I don’t want to create new avis every time when I decide to chance one clip.

Hope you can help me through this.

videoplayer_example.v4p (14.3 kB)

hello, i would use VideoTexture -> Quad -> Renderer instead of VideoOut in that case…

Hi tonfilm,

I’ve tried you idea and it seems to work. Thanks

I just have to find the way to keep my videos properly scaled - 4:3 not 16:9 like my monitors.

hello, here comes AspectRatio (and other transform nodes) handy:

hello, here comes AspectRatio (and other transform nodes) handy:

aspect_ratio.v4p (11.0 kB)

I’ve been away for a looong time, but thanks tonfilm. The aspect ratio patch solved my problems with different monitors and projectors.
I was also able to find that I’ll get properly working fullscreen just by hitting alt-enter, when my render window(s) is active. No need to make anything special for in in the patch.