Problem with dual full screens related to DirectShow?


i rebuild a very simple patch to illustrate a problem i am facing regarding dual-fullscreen rendering and video-node, see attachment. in summary, it seems the video/directshow-node is messing with renderers in fullscreen

file: the toggle sets cyan renderer fullscreen on monitor a, and the red on monitor b. the green webcam renderer is needed in the background (tracking), and not for rendering.

  1. move cyan and red renderer to appropriate screen. switch toggle -> not working

  2. relopen, delete the video-part, toggle on -> works as supposed to.

what might i be doing wrong?

thanks, aksel

DirectShow+Multiscreen.v4p (4.9 kB)

it seems in my testpatch hinding the webcam-renderer seems to solve the problem, but that is not doing the trick in my main patch. i’ll recheck and keep you posted.

I think this is in the FAQ video video textures can only work on 1 output of your gfx card, if you can span mode you can get it to work you drag your web cam tracking renderer to the output your display render and it should work… Maybe if it doesn;t try detatching the video textre and re-attaching it again when the renderer is on the other screen

confirmed, there seems to be a problem other than what cat means…

sory for the late reply, this is a pain in the v to debug. what works though for me (and i don’t know why) is having the renderer with the dshow stream on the second device. like this i can easily fullscreen both. can you confirm that?

i tried that on win7. where are you?