Problem with colortracking node

Hi guys. I just started learning vvvv so this is probably a dumb problem. I’m interested in learning color tracking in vvvv so I’ve downloaded a patch from The patch uses the ColorTracking node with is seems to be missing. I’ve learned that the node is included in the addon pack which I had already downloaded and installed according to instructions. However, I still can’t find the ColorTracker node in the list and in the patch downloaded from the prototyping interferences site is still marked as red and missing. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

hei puzonsb,

the ColorTracker (FreeFrame DShow9) does comes with vvvv directly. so if it is red/missing it may fail to initialize. there was a problem pre-beta<30 when you had pd installed on the same pc that freeframe plugins would fail. which version of vvvv have you tried with? please try b31 and report back.

Hi joreg,

I solved the problem already and as I thought the solution was simple. I’m running the latest version of vvvv (vvvv_45beta31),but I was using the 64bit version and didn’t noticed that it had no freeframes nodes included. When looking for info about the ColorTracker node I read in the node reference section and it stated that the node is included in the AddOn pack which kind of lead me off. However, your reply made me look in the right place. Thank you for your time!