Problem with color when writing as png DX11

I have a problem, when saving my renderer (dx11) as png , the color looks much brighter,i’m using dx11 the last 64 build and mre packs.
Renderer is in 32bit but changing to 16 doesn’t seams to make a difference.
Anybody has an idea or a solution to previsualise content in definitive color?

it’s prolly 2.2 gamma somewhere
have u try different viewers, dds, something simple like quad with tex?

bmp seams to be the only format which keep the color , but that’s way to heavy. I guess that’s related to the 32bit renderer …

it’s shud be somewhere on ur side, simple quad > render > writer everything ok on me, on 64, try something like levels before writer

The quad didn’t work out but level at 2 did the trick , thank you very much