Hi, it’s my first time on this forum.
I have a problem with audio on vvvv gamma.
I am trying to connect the audio, I have installed VL audio and Asio4ALL but when I insert FFT it turns purple and the audio is not picked up

I am attaching the photo

Hey! It actually should already work without Asio4All, if you are on the newest version. So either try uninstalling it… or if you have to use it, I guess you have to select it in the driver settings instead of WASAPI. Also try the help patch “Calculate the FFT of an audio signal”.

@Martina_98 whenever you get a node with a purple border, it means that it has a “runtime error”. in this case the first thing you do is hover it with the mouse to get more information about the problem. if it doesn’t help you then this is the information you need to provide to us so we have a chance to see what’s going on.

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