Problem using ThemeReader/DefaultStyle combo on exported apps using ImGUI

Hey there,

When building an app that uses ThemeReader/DefaultStyle from VL.HDE, it looks like some parts of the style/theme are lost.

See the screenshot below, the top window is from the patch and the bottom one is the built version :


I would have understood if there was no style applied at all, but the fact that it seems to take some bits of it (rounding, slider, etc…) makes me think this is a bug.

Have attached the patch for convenience.


ImGuiExportTheme.vl (9.7 KB)

The VL.HDE package was not build/prepared that it works in exports. It pulls in a lot of dependencies you probably don’t want to have in your app, and it also expects certain files to be at certain places, which will not be the case for exports.
So I’d suggest to copy out any nodes you think are useful in your app. But not sure that’s gonna be possible dependening on its internal dependencies.

I see, thanks for the feedback. Was expecting such a thing to be a bit fishy anyway :p

Will see how to fix that manually then!


Edit : if that helps anyone, I just had to copy the content of the DefaultDarkTheme node in a Process, remove the reference to VL.HDE and use that Process node as an input of DefaultStyle.