Problem starting up vvvv

Hi there!

I’m new in vvvv! And yesterday I tried to install and I believed everything was OK (three green lights!). But when I first open the program appears only one grey empty window… Am I doing somenthing wrong?
Can anyone help me please?

All the best,

looks good, just read here: tutorial introduction

it’s my favorite forum post ever!
@heraldo this is pure vvvv! for the first time, try start_with_demo.bat

5+++… no text …

:)… no text …

haha, great!

just had a nonstop 48 hour crunchtime work session failing in the end, but this instantly cheers me up… :D

welcome on board, heraldo! ;)

I’m really glad that everybody took something good from my “newbie” situation :P

And thank you all for the help!

we were not laughing at you. we’re laughing at vvvv :) welcome


… to hell !

Heraldo, i had the same feeling the first time ;)

funny how much your appreciation of that empty grey window changes over time…

yeah! during this year i head it more than 10 times in my mobile phone: “i see empty grey window! what’s wrong here?”