Problem rendering in second monitor

Hi alls!

i am experimenting with vvvv making mapping and DMX aplications. i have used VVVV also with Arduino and Processing system.
but often i have a problem with the second monitor…
first always i have made the vvvv pacht at home and i try the render full screen in one PC monitor with VGA cable(second monitor) and all works well but then i have tried it with a 25m cable and a proyector and the render dont works in the second monitor,also the same problem with one HDMI 5 meters cable and a big TV…
it have happend to me with diferent proyects… i have worked with duplicated monitor for resolve the problem but i lost the posibility to have some button in one PC monitor and a big screen where you see the result.

someone know why?? its a problem from my laptop( i5 2GB on graphic card)…or is a problem in the configuration of render X9 box…

thanks to alls

the second monitor shows nothing or goes blank only on fullscreen?

Hola Carlos

  • have you tried with different cables?

  • remember that if you disconnect the cables you lose the connection and also vvvv will, so you need to restart vvvv, that is each time you change the configuration in Windows you need ot restart vvvv

hi all.

what happend is, the render windows show only black whem i have extended desktop,if i have a videoin (for web cam)some times pick a photo but stay freeze this happend when i have triyed to usethic screen or big cable and happend in all sizes of render screen and of course in full screen too,but when i change to the duplicated screen configuration the problem disappear.

I have triyed to re star vvvv,windows too and changed the cables too.

thanks for your helps!!

Hola remmebr that a dshow stream can be only in one head at a given time

if you just need to show the video on one screen it should be fine. but as @IO pointed out, Dshow is weird in that regard.
So one thing to do is to move the video window to the desired screen and then save the patch. it is at this stage ok if the image disappears. You then close vvvv and reopen the patch and the video should now work.

ok so i will try to change to the new instalation save the patch with the render window in black,close vvvv and re open,and see what happend i will comment here,but when you say that you only can have one head at given time, i am not understanding this becouse you can have diferent render windows and send to diferent screens no(one for proyector and another to led screen for example) or not??

Or you start VVVV with the /dx9ex commando parameter and use shared texture, but this can be quite tricky because some other things might not work with /dx9ex …

Open SharedTexture help patch for instructions.