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Hi everybody,
I have a little problem, when I open a .v4p, I have for example two or three tab with the same .v4p or an other. I try to close or quit vvvv but at the opening the problem reappears.

Press Alt+R and check your vvvv root … it probably got saved once or twice with the patch being open already.

and for general info regarding the Root refer to this:

Ok, I don’t know why but sometimes I have to alt R and delete one of two copy of identical node.

Do you know a solution for have vvvv in the background ?
I search to have mozilla firefox and vvvv working together, but when I send OSC UDP message to vvvv, it goes on top in front of mozilla firefox. But ideally I want to have firefox always on top.
I can hide vvvv by put it outside the screen but it 's not a good solution…

Oh oh alt + 3 can do this :)
very nice
If I want to show my *.v4p I have lo launch root.v4p, click on my node and alt+1

I have to do alt 3 each time i start vvvv.
So i don’t know how can I do for hide vvvv.

I did it :

It s OK
Thanks for all

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