Problem Looping in DX11

Cannot link the Quad (DX11.Layer) if I’m using BackBuffer Size for transforming it…
It’s normal?

QuadFeedback.v4p (9.9 kB)

Try throwing a Framedelay in between (In between Backbuffer XY and /).

thanks readme! I already did it, but I’m wondering if is normal or it’s a bug.
I mean, I think it’s not supposed to happen…

well that scheme is the lame idea, sometimes it don’t work when you have a lot of render passes so it’s better, stick with hand input resolution

instead you use this…

Thank you! Perhaps I don’t know how AspectRatio works, but seems do something different from what I need… I wanna put something in the render without changing the dimension… let’s say I have a PNG 200x200 (or 512x384, as in the example) -> I wanna render it at 200x200 (yes, if the render is littler than 200x200, I will not have all the image)

@Luper : billboard layer is your friend then ;)

And yes I forgot to add built in framedelay on renderer size, I’ll add for next release (since it’s already there for mouse/keyboard/touch).