Priority trouble

hey guys,

i have a little problem with my flash application embedded in vvvv.

vvvv is used for receiving packets from two webservers and sends packets (two positions x and y) to the flash-application. this works fine, as long the cpu-usage of the flash application is below 100%. as there are big videos in the application, the cpu-usage goes up to the max and during this videoplayback, vvvv doesnt do anything no incoming signal are processed. i tested this with a mouse as well, but the mouse signal isnt processed, too.

my question is, if there is a way, to increase the priority of the vvvv-logic over flash? the boost function just increases the overall priority of the application and improves nothing.

thanks in advance, jens gernandt

helo guy.

this could turn out to be a really tricky problem. therefore let me ask the obvious question first just to make sure you have a good reason against it: can’t you also do the flash-part in vvvv? if the flash-part is only playing back videos this could probably better be achieved in vvvv?!

hi there,

the flash-part of the application has videos as well es vectorgraphics and menus etc…