Print from V4?

I’ve been asked to make a patch that a user can print an output from, had a look fopr command line stuff, and there is a print in win7 but it says its prints a text file, so anyone got an idea of how I can print an image off? I presume write to a file and then send that to a print cue, would this be a c# thing? Anyone fancy the challenge, as my c# is non- existent… still pitching for the gig mind…



We use irfanview with our digital graffiti wall . It’s a command line based print program that doesn’t require any user interaction once setup.

Just print once manually from the main program and then it saves those settings. Then very simple command line to get more to print.

In the past i have used a command line tool called JustPrintTheImage.exe

It accepts a picture file name as a argument, so it works well in combination with Writer (EX9.Texture) (12.0 kB)

Fantastic! Thanks guys, much appreciated!

now that you have svg if your stuff could be used as vector graphics you can print the stuff using a browser too