Preview grabbed video while saving it to a file

what is the fastest way to save grabbed video to a file, while it is being previewed in fullscreen.
btw. can i save my live video stream to avi file with sound simultaneously. (Image is being grabbed throught firewire, audio from microphone).
btw2: How do I save audio input 2 wav or mp3 file?

i tried this one, but is’t crashing:

any help appreciated.

hai jimmi.

first: you cant save audio with vvvv. neither alone to .wav or .mp3, nor together with video into an avi-file. sorry.

what you show in the screenshot also cant be done. you can only have two VideoIn nodes when they have different cameras selected in their ‘Driver’ pin.

for your scenario the Preview output should be fine. connect the preview-output to the videotexture and the video-output to the compress node. go fullscreen. does it work?

thanks a lot, it works fine now

however it lags when i use set 320x240 VideoIn option
maybe it’s my computer problem or
i’ll try to tweak different codecs.

thanks :)