Preserve aspect of crosses when they are skeleton points with kinect

hello, sorry to again ask a question…one day I will be able to help people, but I have to learn a little first :)

I would like to replace skeleton points (openni) with a cross from grid test.
(a cross per body part, head torso,…)
The problem is that according to the depth the cross doesn’t look like a cross any-more, but I have to use the kinect perspective anyway, so the points are aligned to user.
Is it possible to preserve the ratio and the aspect of my original cross ?
for Z>0.16, the horizontal line disappears…
I could I preserve the aspect ?
here’s the little path to see the deformation.

cross points skeleton.v4p (10.9 kB)

The aspect isn’t changing, the thin line width of the cross is merely disappearing as it gets smaller and there aren’t enough pixels on yer screen to keep drawing it.

Try making the line width larger in the grid node.

Also the perspective transform node output should go in the projection transform input of the renderer.

View transsorm = position, rotation, and scale of view.

Proj transform = perspective

thank you !
no really solutions to me, if they aren’t pixels anymore…it means that even if I take a cross texture (into constant for example) that won’t work…
it seems that I’ll have to stay with sphere!