Prepare Graph Time high

Hi, my patch runs at a low frame rate, around 13 FPS. The Timing node says my Prepare Graph Time is around 0.7 seconds. I guess this is the reason for the low FPS. What should I do to have a reasonable frame rate? Thanks, Szabi

You have to post your patch, answer can be anything…

Hi @antokhio thanks for your answer. Sorry for not being clear, what I wanted to ask is what this time is, what it’s spent on, and tips for reducing it. I’ll try to make a simple patch to reproduce the issue. I basically have a FileStream playing a video and Pipets to capture pixels’ colors along Bezier splines.

Ok witch version of Pipet do you use? dx9 or dx11, also pipet quite a resource hog, i think dx9 version is extremally slow with multiple points, and dx11 version is faster but uses ReadBack witch also may slow it down… If you are on dx9, switch to dx11 version, if you are on dx11 likely it’s a hardware issue…

How many points are you sampling along the splines?

@sunep Less than 500. I got better performance by reducing the texture dimensions before sampling by a factor of 10. This is all dx9. I couldn’t test dx11 because I’m having trouble starting vvvv with the dx11 pack installed. I’ll investigate that further.

What is the size of the texture?
Besides that, I agree with @antokhio that it would be much easier to help you if you shared a patch demonstrating your problem.

My original texture is 1920x1080. With that I get 12-13 fps. After a blur and reducing it to 192x108, I get approximetely twice that. I’d be happy to share my patch as soon as I have time to make a minimal demo.

You should switch to dx11 or VL… The FPS will be better in any case but dx9…

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