Preload 20 Collada Files

Hi there,

I’m working on an interactive light installation, wich light is becoming a senting creatur. It contains of 96 light-balls.

But to my quetions. I have like 20 animations (collada), which are controlling the light. To change between the animatiosn I change the filename, so I load the DAE File. While loading my performance goes down, so I want to preload the 20 Collada Files.

Does somebody knows I can solve this problem the best.

Is there any possibility to create a spread of Collada nodes?

Thanks for help



Are these 20 Collada Files containing the same mesh but with different animations?

If so you could try merging all the animations, meshes in one Collada file.
This way you would be able to jump to specific frames in the animation, by setting the time in the Mesh(Collada) node.

If there are different meshes that you want to switch between animation and the animations are all about the same duration:

You could merge them all into one collada file and switch the meshes by chosing the index of the Mesh you want with: GetSlice(node) on the output of Mesh(Collada)

Im not sure if this would work with ~20 Meshes + Animations, but i remember it worked for me when i wanted to selectivly display parts of a bigger scene without huge performence drops. Then again im not sure what the size/animation Frames Limit Collada may have. Hope this helps.

Thanks for help.

I was thinking about this before. Every animation is containing 6 Points. They are recorded via a Vicon System, Motion Capture, no real geometry. so I could slice them with Bin size and index in the mesh.
I am afraid I am loosing controll of wich Animation has which index. But it is probably the only way.

I just counted the Animations. 20 was wrong. I don’t have them all here by now, but I think it will be between around 60 animations = 360 moving points . In total together between 200 and 300 mb.

Do you think this amount could course any trouble? I probably just have to try and find out.