Powerpoint integration


how can I integrate a powerpoint presentation into a vvvv project. I like the slideshow node, but for a new project the client insists on powerpoint!

is there a powerpoint plugin? or can I open a powerpoint inside a window controlled by vvvv.


The only solution I see here is shooting the client.

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I think that’s a little extreme. Breaking their legs would probably suffice.

or use a capture device

2nd screnn fullscreen powerpoint + screenshot
should works
ps : io and/or everyoneishappy solution is definitely quicker :)

some time ago i stumbled about this http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/118676/Embedding-PowerPoint-presentation-player-into-a-WP site describing how to embedd a power point presentation using WPF.

I have absolutely no knowledge in “real programming” but everything i read in this article sounds as if should be possible to integrate Powerpoint-playback into vvvv this way !?

anybody ?


According to this @tonfilm may be onto something.
markus you could get in touch with him and some s&f funding might speed things up :)

yes, for sure. as you can read in the log, we have some options. so, some devvvv funding would put things forward in this matter.