Postproccesing fft

hi - i’m new to the board and vvvv andi hope you could maybe help me out.

i want to amek an application that corresponds to audio in, but in a advanced way.

i would want to split the incoming audio into single frequencies or bands of frequencies.

i could do it in two ways - but i couldn’t find a solution in vvvv yet.

first would be to create a bandpass-filter which would filter the audio before it gets into the fft module and could be the postprocessed in different ways.

second would be to somehow split the fft ouptu into the single y coordinates so i could link them to different modules.

the idea is to make different modules correspond to different parts of the sound and not only to the beat.
for example - if the filtering will be quite accurate you could make your modules corresponding to different drum sounds of a percussion unit - one corresponds to the hi-hats, one to the snare and so on.

would be fun !

thanks in advance, matrigs

have a look into these modules: FFT4Channels and BeatDetector

thanks a bunch !!

really quick answer - i already love this board :D

this fft thingie you send is very awesome - and very accurate.