Possible to load seperate texture on each side of a box?

Im working on a prototype for mapping video onto a cube that is in motion:

[Vimeo](http://vimeo.com/4078421](Vimeo](http://vimeo.com/4078421)Rotation Mapping from [http://vimeo.com/user513903](http://vimeo.com/user513903)Kit Webster on [http://vimeo.com).

early stages of a rotation mapping prototype. Rear space is imaged producing transparency. Im still having some trouble getting the box to line up to the cube correctly because i have to keep pulling the front corner up each time it does a 180 degree rotation...

I also wondering if it is possible to load a seperate texture on each of the box’s six faces?

I think not, but i’m not sure.

alltought, i’m working on something similar, so check this. It’s a box spreaded in translate and rotation to form a box with 6 boxes.

With this you can even set diferent levels of transparency

and maybe you can solve the mystery of the phong point muahaha

box sides.v4p (21.6 kB)

With any 3d model I load into vvvv, can I have control to texturise each surface separately? or render 3d environment inside model?

yes you can. if you read ‘how to prepare x files’ there is a little information there. There is also this file. Also, see the section about Subsets here.

oh yeah, cool mapping.

thanks nitro ill check it out.