Possible To "Erase" Part Of A Point Cloud/Geometry

Heyo :D

I’m working with a Kinect2 ParticleSystem. Trying to “crop” in on a small area in the middle of the cloud, making all other points invisible. Had some initial success with placing quads that match the BG color to fake it but then I can’t have anything else visible behind that area :P Experimenting with FrustumCull but there’s no help patch and I’m not making very much progress lol

Thanks for any help!

Is there something like a boolean subtract that I can use on some geometry to negate anything it intersects?

Figured out that using a WorldFilter(DX11.Particles.Kinect) node does the job really well :D

have a look at the Velocity (DX11.Particles.Modifiers) helppatch.
transform -> intersect -> selection

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Nice! The Kill node in that category is exactly what I was looking for :D It’s like the opposite of the WorldFilter in the sense that it’s subtracts the selection as opposed to leaving it in and removing the rest!