Position of spread elements

Hey there,

do you know any way of getting the position of any of these number generated by a spread. The size of the spread is variable.


Again, read this: https://vvvv.org/documentation/spreads

I’m aware about the position of the spread itself but I need every position coordinate of it’s elements.
Like shown in the picture. Sorry if thats a silly question but I don’t get the answer…

Without a patch there’s no way to get what you’re doing.
Also please have a look at the patch I posted in the string to time thread: it definitely is not the absolutely best way to achieve your goal, but I’m confident it would help you to better understand how to operate vvvv.

i’m wondering if you’re looking for I (Spreads)?

no I created this with an I (spreads). At the moment I try to get the index number of the spread element I’m clicking on with a mouse und button node

since we obviously seem to have troubles understanding what you mean, why don’t you share a simple patch as h99 already asked for. that would speed things up here…

So lets say you have a spread of coordinates, and a spread with booleans, both are in the same order.

Use Select (pick the one that matches your coordinates, you will know if that is 2d or so)

Especially the second output pin of the Select can be helpful, because it tells you the Indices of the elements that were hit.

Yeah, but Select with no 0s\1s spread input can get quite confusing, if I got what tim9394 wants to do. He shouldn’t be scared to post the patch.
We’re here to help.

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Hahaha [quote=“h99, post:9, topic:15481”]
We’re here to help.
[/quote] nice one :)

sorry I misunderstood you, thought you were saying there is no node so I need to create a patch.

I just left office but as soon as possible I’ll upload the patch.
Thanks guys.

hey guys!

here is the patch. please ignore the first and second sprite i need this to go on. at the moment I use an I-spread to simulate what I want. My goal is to click on one of the numbers and change its color. the best way would be to save the change. The number of elements in the spread is variable.

If you got any questions about the patch please ask. Many thanks for your help and sorry if this to silly patched…upload.zip (17.0 KB)

As a quick help, you would use MultiFlipFlop (Animation Advanced) just down the rightmost IOBox. You should also set SliceCount Mode of said IOBox to Input. I’d say that ColsRowsPages is particularly useful when the IOBox is used as an input, rather than an output. And you should also *-1 the width pin of linearspread near button_ft_0.1.0.
Then point out other issues, if any, that have not been addressed, please.

Hey h99,

thanks for the response. The IOBox at the right is just for me to see visually whats happening. A Multiflipflop is again determined by it’s inputs but I don’t know the number of inputs. Thanks for the tip about the width.

The absolutely finished patch is for a soccer competition. I want to set the score of a game individual for an unknown amount of teams. So there is also an unknown amount of games.

If you use ColsRowsPages, set to 2 cols and 5 rows or 10 cols or rows, and if you have 13457 slices in input, it will return only 10 of them. So the visualization here crushes the chance to retrieve useful data. MultiFlipFlop output the index of the object clicked.

What number of what inputs?

I took the wrong multiflipflop now it’s working. I think this is the best way to solve the problem

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