Porting simple steering behvior model algorithms

hi i am having difficulties understanding the programming logic of vvvv. how would i program a wandering algorithm like the example here. (click the bottom right box for the wander example)

i believe it would involve the nodes

FrameVelocity (Animation)
LFO (Animation)
Quad (DX9)
Transform (Transform) 2d
Renderer (DX9)

i probably missed a few nodes but im not even sure where to start even after reading all the documentation…


you can have a look at the patch move your camera (in the girlpower folder, it´s a litle bit the same idee , and look at the patch fovball to , where you have a steer module…

interesting i skipped that example in the girlpower folder because i thought it wasnt related. thanks.

and get some hints from here: http://vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=Basic+Programming+Concepts

that example is to complex for me to understand. im assuming the panzer subpatch is for the moving objects… but i dont see where the tranform values are flowing to the panzer subpatch. is there a simpler example?

couldnt the example above just be patched with two oscillators (one for x, one for y) some random generation (lfo->change-> 2 x random) plus the magic Heading node?

(and of course Transform & Quad & Renderer)

@ oschatz, i was close to upload a patch yesterday, containing the mentioned nodes…osc and heading. :)

could be the solution although i didn’t get the oversteering quite right.

the Rollercoaster patch in the girlpower folder should do what you want