Porting "Growth" from EX9 to DX11 issue


I’m currently trying to port the great Growth-Effect to DX11 and I’m almost there. Almost… I’ve got rid of everthing which seems not needed in the EX9-version and rebuild it in DX11, but something is still not right.

Perhaps a MipMap-topic or the FrameDelay(DX11.2DTextures). Do you have any ideas?

Here is where I am at the moment:

Growth_porting_EX9_to_DX1.zip (541.6 kB)

We’ve found the solution inhouse (huhu @sebl!):

pass P0 <string format="R32G32B32A32_float";>

The format-declaration has done the trick.

Here is the working version. Have fun!

Growth (dx11).zip (530.5 kB)

great work! thank you!