"Port"Node and USB

is there any documentation about the port node? is it possible to get data from the usb port via this node?

i like to use a wacomtablet with vvvv… sometimes ago the where some rumours that where will be a built in wacom node in a future version?!?

no. the port node is for accessing the x86 ports within your machine, which is the most low level way of dealing with hardware connected to the main processor. using the node somehow resembles the good old PEEK and POKE commands from the eighties and it is at a similar level of abstraction. in principle it may be possible to control the USB controller but most newer components like USB are very complicated to control at a low level and mostly undocumented. Also every type of controller has subtle differences of which ports it uses in which way (thats why there are millions of different driver dlls on your system)

On the other side it is fairly possible to use the port node to control some very old components in your system like the parallel port or the built in speaker from the original IBM PC specification. The port node also might help with old ISA-measurement or watchdog cards. In any case it can lead to arbitrary problems with your computer if you write to ports which you are not allowed to. Try to find some very old documents of how to use use ports to access the speaker or the parallel port under DOS. note also that the notion of reading as opposed to writing doesnt necessary apply at that level - reading a value may actually do something.

There are actually some rumours of future vvvv versions integrating generic human interface device drivers and/or graphic tablet dribers but for now its better to find an old rs232 wacom tablet and write your own driver in vvvv,