Poor video performance on Canon EOS

I am using this software
with my Canon 550D, as long as the software runs alone the video stream is ok, there is some lag but since it is usb streaming, what can we do…
Problems arise when I use it inside vvvv, my new laptop is top specs, i7 2720qm, gtx560m and I can see from the task manager that it is running ok. The video texture still runs at 30fps and also the patch runs smoothly still in the final render the video looks like going at 2fps, it gets stuck every second or so.
Where is the bottleneck? I d like pretty much to use the Canon as live camera, better than my old DV camera but it s got to be smooth!!!
Any idea? I tried to poke around the Mainloop node but no joy…

so the solution was to toggle the stand alone display on extrawebcam and make it as big as the final renderer in my vvvv patch. It seems like VideoIn had to make a convertion from the dshow window in extrawebcam.
Now I have a 30fps 1024x768 video input with Canon EOS quality.
It still crashes from time to time tough.

interesting, me have the same camera. going to try your solution. thanks for sharing.