Poor man's double head to go?

Any chance one can use the onboard VGA together with an AGP (or PCI) video card?
That would be to use the onboard for patching and the 2 external as double fullscreen.

i think the long and short of it is - no

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…that is if you want to do the sort of things i think you do.
there are current probs with splitting the dx render accross 2 screens, which is why something like a matrox dual-head tricks the os into thinking it’s 1 big screen.

a cheaper hardware than the triple head to go , but you ll need a DisplayPort on your computer (for exemple Dell latitude e6500 have some)
: Dell Multi-Monitor Hub Adapter (3KN79)

So one more question: is it possible for example to control via boygroup a pc and having this pc to open 2 fullscreens on both its video output (of the same card of course) ?

of course. if the clients are in dualview they can go fullscreen with 2 separate renderers on 2 monitors. even from different graphic cards.

I completely miss the information about how to use 2 different video cards.

EDIT: ok except for the sli stuff

can you put that in a more specific question? whats your problem with using multiple graphic cards?

Windows will make use of just one single videocard (except for sli setup) so how can I use more than a videocard in vvvv ?

nono, windows uses all the cards that are there. in the graphic-card control panel or in the driver you may have to enable addiditional cards but you can simply use them. i am only not sure about onboard graphic cards. never used those.

Ah ok, the point is that I never had a motherboard supporting more than 1 videocard (except for the onboard one) … mm well I am still on AGPx8 :)

I think Windows can t use the onboard one and agp/pci one at the same time.

So the best option I can see right now is to use Dualview to control 2 projectors and Boygrouping to patch…

there is a similar thread on vjforums. basically, there is the mv103 and various alternative solutions based on multiple graphics cards.