Pointeditor sandwich not updating correctly on client machines

Hello Folks,

I’m doing my head in trying set up a workflow for a mapping setup. I need the ability to pointedit over the network with multiple beamers.

It’s very close to working! However on the clients the points update, but there is no mesh being drawn, either as wireframe or solid. That is when I select a point and distort the model on the server machine, everything behaves, but on the client machines only displays the points moving and not the mesh skin? Does that make sense?

The file is attached below if anyone can take a look.

It is worth noting that I get similar behaviour with the pointEditor(3D persistent Sandwich) help file.

My single projector attempt went well - see http://sohanarielhayes.com/artwork/1009438_DATADRUM_v_2_04.html

datadrumV2.041.zip (38.9 kB)