Pointcloud - set color to groups

hi all

where inside the “girlpower - multi emitter with grouped forces” patch are the colors pink and blue set? i cant’t find it.


can you please post the exact path+filename of that patch so we can easier understand what you mean?


path is: \packs\dx11.pointcloud\girlpower\ForceExamples\MultiEmitterWithGroupedForces.v4p

ok, then as a tip: also add @tmp to your question in order for him to be informed of this posting via email. as he is the author of the pointcloud pack…

hey schlonzo!

what you see are the group-colors (have a look at the constant shader -> technique = groupId). i use that for debugging purposes only.

the group ids are set in the collision node (“new group id” pin).

if you want to set colors with respect to certain group ids, you have to write a custom shader. this should be an easy task, if you are a bit familiar to shaders.

just add

StructuredBuffer<float4> colorIn;

and replace

output.col = decodeColor( pcBuffer[idx](idx).col );


output.col = colorIn[pcBuffer[idx](pcBuffer[idx).groupId];

or wait some weeks… dx11.particles is on its way :)